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Dixon Place
April 23 to May 4th, 2014

"This 13-year-old troupe of eight feminist acrobats, directed by Sarah East Johnson, interweaves scientific principles with a push to rediscover neglected ancestors. A diverse cast, LAVA pushes the boundaries of gender conformity with an evening-length dance that traverses a landscape of swinging ropes and suspended fishnet, improvising amid sound samples from a range of cultures mixed in performance by DJ Tikka Masala."

The Rocks

Brooklyn Academy of Music
June 3 to June 9, 2013

"There are at least two kinds of lava in the world, and both move. One is the bubbling, molten rock expelled by a volcano; another is LAVA, Sarah East Johnson’s all-female, environmentally conscious company, which mixes dance and acrobatics (with) refined and velvety balances that demonstrate otherworldly focus." — The New York Times

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The Brooklyn Lyceum
February 12 to March 1, 2009

"If you haven't seen or heard of LAVA, the award-winning all-female acrobatics, trapeze, and dance troupe based in Brooklyn and you are in or near New York City, you need to get to the Brooklyn Lyceum post haste. " --Curve Magazine


The Flea Theater
May 3rd to 27th, 2007

"Satisfying, magical, human, this ocean of women will pull you in." --Brooklyn Daily Eagle


The Flea Theater
January 6th to February 19th, 2006

"Choreographer Sarah East Johnson's academic training in geology pays off with (w)HOLE, an imaginative exploration of phenomena such as rock and volcano formations. Her six-member, all-female group, LAVA, blends theatre, dance, video, and music to augment the impressive acrobatic tricks that drive the show. The audience is intimately seated around the stage, and invited to participate and move around to experience various perspectives on the action. The thematic interconnection between geologic occurrences and bodies in motion can be fairly esoteric, but these performers turn it into fertile ground for a thrilling repertoire of physical movement." --Flavorpill

Reviews of past performances:

High Tide, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC. May 1–18, 2003

Timberline, Performance Space 122, NYC. March 8–25, 2001 Volcano Love, The Kitchen, NYC. January 7–16, 1999
  • Fast Company, review and interview with Sarah East Johnson, January 2000
Lava Love, The Flea Theater, NYC. September 9–October 30, 1999 Reviews of our junior company, Magma:

Sarah East Johnson